Current questions

  • Do we want to pull the FB image (current impl), or do we want to point to the FB image?


Make the app true single signon

  • Looking at 'The Run Around'
    • javascript on each page to help do a real single sign on
    • when user removes account association, call user.unregisterUser() on Facebook
  • When you logout of site you need to also be logged out of Facebook

Friend Linking

  • Job to run through current users and hash to see if they are on Facebook
  • Add field in atgiUsersFacebook so we know if user is actually connected or we have just
hashed the email address. Use that value when we are trying to authenticate a user.
  • Send invitations to friends on Facebook to join the community
    • see renderconnectinvite_link() in 'The Run Around' display.php
    • Something like
<a onclick="FB.Connect.inviteConnectUsers(); return false;">Invite friends to Connect.</a>
  • Let them know how many friends not using
  • Share content in Facebook without leaving the community site
    • This can be done with the javascript API.
    • Need to see what preview of the items look like.


Provide 'share on facebook' buttons for blog/forum/media/wiki posts

Publish status information to Facebook

  • Is it as simple as user.setStatus() from Facebook Toolkit? What is the deal with Facebook Templates?


Facebook Comment Form

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